Natural Gas Is Hot on Pensacola Beach


Portofino Resort has seven pools and seven spas that needed to be heated to 84 and 101 degrees, respectively; electric heaters could not get the job done.

The Beach Club’s outdoor pool remained cold no matter how much its electric heat pump tried to warm it during cool-weather season.

The Grand Marlin was paying a small fortune to supply its kitchen with propane so that its chefs could produce the gourmet dishes its customers expected.

The solution for these and many other businesses on Pensacola Beach arrived in early 2012 when Gulf Breeze Natural Gas brought economical, efficient, clean natural gas to the island.

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It’s the Great American Natural Gas Home Makeover!




Gulf Breeze Natural Gas

invites you

to take advantage of the

Great American

Natural Gas

Home Makeover!

 With $1,300 in rebates now available and natural gas prices at historic lows, it’s a great time to toss out your budget-busting electric and bring in economical, efficient natural gas.


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And Make Over Your Laundry Room….Naturally!



Catchin’ the Natural Gas Wave on Pensacola Beach

WineBar1This is the third in a series featuring great businesses (and natural gas customers) on Pensacola Beach.


Three hundred-plus wines with more than twenty selections by the glass; specialties like house-cured roast duck and Grouper Andalusia; unique desserts such as lavender crème brulee–these are some of the exciting elements that make THE WINE BAR a gem on Pensacola Beach. The restaurant has also earned the top ratings from Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon.


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The Best Stuff from Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is the place to go for the latest energy news, special events, promotions, shout-outs to Gulf Breeze businesses and organizations, and more. But we know that some of you just aren’t into Facebook and we don’t want you to miss out on the best of this information. Now you’ll be able to find that information right here!



How many things are made with or powered by natural gas? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT8CkDRFKnM

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City Adds to Natural Gas Fleet

The City of Gulf Breeze has taken a stand on doing our part to help “cut the crude” out of our country’s energy dependence on foreign oil and for about half the cost of gasoline. Since March 2012 we have placed into service: three C-2500 Chevrolet vans, two E-350 Ford vans, and two heavy duty F-250 Ford pickups, all dedicated compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG). Dedicated CNG vehicles are vehicles that only run on compressed natural gas with no other fuel tanks on board. See More »


On the Road to “Green” with “C.N.G.” Hatcher

A great revolution is on the horizon in the way we hit the road. It’s not electric; it’s not even hybrid. It’s CNG–compressed natural gas.  And it can save you BIG bucks at the pump.

There are over 10 million CNG vehicles in operation around the globe, including more than 800,000 in Europe.  With only 150,000 in the U.S., we have some catching up to do.

Gulf Breeze Natural Gas is working on plans to lead the change to become the cleanest and greenest driving community on the Gulf Coast. Read on about…

Natural Gas on Wheels–Part 3. Filling up and “Philling” up with Natural Gas

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Connect to Gas

99% of America’s natural gas comes from North America. It’s efficient, earth-friendly, and always there! Join the 58 million American households which already use America’s super energy.

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A Green New World With Natural Gas

If you could keep nearly 3,000 pounds of CO2 (greenhouse gas) out of the air every year simply by changing ONE household appliance, would you?